Do you want to have more free time during the week days. Great! This is a really worthwhile objective. It is really essentially simple but can have its complications; there are several different facets to such an project. There are certainly quite a few ways in which you could potentially approach it, but there are certain effective tactics you can use that will help reach your goal. Some tactics are better than the others, so make sure you choose the right ones.

Before you, many people have made up their minds to have more free time during the week days. There are several valuable lessons one can learn from studying the things they tried, what worked and what didn’t. By way of providing you with some of the better information that can be learned through the experiences of others, listed here are five practices that have already yielded excellent results. Tactics that have historically worked and worked very well.

Five killer tactics to think about using for you to have more free time during the week days:

1. Use a crock pot to make dinner. To optimize the main advantages of this you will need to set the crock pot to cook before leaving for work in the morning. This will usually make enough food to feed you for dinner and lunch the next day. Please the clean up is simple because it is just the one pot.

2. don’t have the energy or time for the gym? buy a kettlebell. This generally is successful since the various full body moves the can be done while using a kettlebell will decrease the amount of time needed to be working out. It’s a full gym in just one little kickass ball of cast iron.

3. not enough time for a crock pot? buy a pressure cooker. It’s really an almost certain winner. It can lead to Think of a pressure cooker is a crock pot on steroids, reducing the normal time it taks a crock pot down anywhere from 20-40 minutes. This is great if you forgot to cook dinner and need a hot meal. Simply set the pressure cooker up when you get home, by the time you come down from getting changed out of your work clothes and put on the t.v. the pressure cooker is finished. Also is only a one plan clean up too.

4. Using a calendar or a planner. Utilizing this you’ll need to be careful about , also .

5. Using a blender to make breakfast smoothies. This will also help you with getting a full meal quick and if needed can be taken on the go. All my breakfasts start with a smoothie that has: handful of Kale, Ice water, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 whole banana, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and a shot of apple cider vinegar. Call it what you want but it is a full does of fruit, veggies and water to start my day and if i am running behind schedule I can bring it with me in the car. Also a one dish clean up.

There won’t be any guarantees, of course. However, in most cases, when you follow the tactics above and follow them in their spirit and also by their letter, your chances of being successful, as well as to actually have more free time during the week days are likely to be better.

Also as a bonus for you I added links to each of the 5 resources listed above so you don’t have to waste time searching for them:

1. crock pot

2. Kettlebell

3. Pressure Cooker

4. Calendars and planners . Don’t forget this also can be printed for free on your g-mailaccount or outlook express.

5. Blender for breakfast smoothies

If You have any additional tools are tactics that you find effective in freeing up time during the weekdays comment below.