Control Your Clock: Time Management Hacks For Young Professionals

Do not waste another moment of your life on pointless, meaningless, or tedious tasks that could have been done earlier. With Control Your Clock, you will learn life-changing time management strategies to take back your week, leaving the weekend for stress-free fun.


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Short easy read
This book is designed for you to read through it with ease as well as be able to refer back to it at any time you need a refresher or help with changing your schedule.
We help YOU create a schedule that works around your schedule and fulfills your needs not force all of our reader to try and fit their life into our schedule.
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Overview of the book

Control Your Clock is a time management book for young professionals entering the workforce who want to learn strategies for taking control of their lives one day at a time.

Chapter One

Do You Really Manage Your Time?

The first chapter will teach you how to identify your true free time during the work week once you get home from work by answering 6 easy questions.

Chapter Two

What Are Your Wasted Movements?

This chapter will help you to determine what daily or weekly tasks are wasting your precious free time and learn ways to reduce or eliminate them.

Chapter Three

How We Provide Our Support

This chapter will demonstrate ways to set up weekly and monthly schedules to help keep you on track and maximize your time.

Chapter Four

Conclusion and Future Service

This chapter will summarise all the learnings and make it easier to track back and find the sections you are looking for.

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About The Author

Chris DiValentino

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Chris DiValentino went on to attend West Chester University where he studied Business Management and also played football for the Golden Rams. After graduation Chris was hired by a local home builder as a trainee to become a Construction Manager. As Chris transitioned from college student to full time worker he experienced first-hand the difficulties facing the young adults today having to balance his busy lifestyle between work, chores and personal errands while still finding time to do things he enjoyed. Now into his fourth year as a Construction Manager with a local builder in the Philadelphia region Chris continues to develop his time management skills and published this book in an effort to the help the next generations of young adults have a smoother transition from the college lifestyle they are leaving and the working world they are entering.

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Control Your Clock will take you through popular time management techniques step by step with easy-to-follow checklists and diagrams.

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Time Management Book

For Young Professionals

Scheduling Techniques

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Time Management Book

For Young Professionals

Scheduling Techniques

Stress Management

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